Natasha has gained a wealth of professional experience in financial planning, banking, insurance, real estate investments, property management, adult instruction, and small business development in her region. As an entrepreneur and insurance instructor in the Gulf Coast region, she has been able to connect professionals to her own community through all of her professional pursuits and travels.

While self-employed, she completed courses at Tulane University in New Orleans and Oxford University-Regents College in England as a summer guest and has earned licenses in Real Estate, Insurance, NASD Securities Brokerage & Advising, and Mortgages & Financing. Natasha has a 20+ year proven track record of sales, hosted numerous seminars and adult technical instruction courses, handled corporate operations while managing multiple family businesses including one of the Gulf Coastal Regions' Independent Insurance leading agencies with a paperless, green, mobile approach to Insurance & Small Business Consulting.

Currently licensed as an Insurance Agent in Louisiana, an Enrolled Agent with the US Department of Treasury (IRS) and as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for several years, she is known in her community to be a very knowledgeable, passionate and well-rounded professional that can aptly help small business owners with tons of practical wisdom.

Aside from maintaining several businesses, websites and having operational duties for several organizations, Natasha has taught various courses in insurance and financial planning to contractors, insurance pre-licensees in Louisiana and seasoned financial professionals in risk management, banking, and real-estate. She has also consulted many contractors, property developers, landlords and small business owners in the Greater New Orleans and surrounding areas along the Gulf Coast including Texas, Mississippi, and business owners and property owners displaced all over the country due to Hurricane Katrina (August 2005).

To provide value not common in her industry and fulfill a need her own clients were seeking, Natasha has written books on small business, insurance study guides, such as the LHA Pre-licensing Study Manual, US Copyright Registration Number TXu00166804 (See attached Copyright Registration Copy) and authors other eBooks and audio training material on: managing entrepreneurial risks related to businesses and property, how to best acquire property in her region post-Katrina through protection planning and hedging/diversifying investments and reserves. Her network affiliates are currently CPA's, lawyers, contractors, real estate investors, builders and developers as well as many other professionals all along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida.

Whether or not Natasha Riley-Noah deserves an opportunity to work with your organization is strictly up to your decision makers, but she feels that she has a varied, yet progressive track through all of her experiences that culminate into a destined success story.


Why not let her put these skills and experiences to work for you?